An inspiring project

From passion to work, this is how Cristema was born.

On January 26, 1993 Cristema was born, by the vision of its founder João da Silva Fertuzinhos.

With just one collaborator, a story is born through the hands of artisans with the wisdom and experience in the production of the cutlery industry.

The founder’s perseverance and his family history linked to the industry, allowed this project to evolve, taking on greater expression, years later, with the creation of a factory unit for the production of cutlery.

Over the years, the desire for improvement and innovation has led Cristema to national and international markets, currently counting on about 60 employees.João da Silva Fertuzinhos desire is revealed in each collection, thought care and with the best materials, betting on the design and innovation of production techniques, now with the generational continuity of the sons Emanuel and Cristiano Fertuzinhos.

A dream that turns into an inspiring project, where we get to know each hand that gives life to our cutlery.Whenever we sit at the table, we serve conversations, open stories that feed our souls and create unforgettable memories.

Born in Guimarães and inspired by the world, we work so that each collection translates a little of our history.It is the passion for cutlery that moves us, creating connections, emotions and desire on each table we decorate.

We renew the cutlery tradition, giving a new perspective to details and its aesthetic dimension.

We want to show you what is best in Portugal.

Milestones in History

From passion to work, that was how Cristema was born.


The beginning of the passion for the cutlery industry

Birth of António Fertuzinhos on January 28, 1879.António Fertuzinhos (1879-1971), married to Teresa Baptista Mendes, demonstrated, early on, his passion for the world of cutlery, starting activity in this branch with the manufacture of scissors. In 1908, a factory was born, next to Rio Febras, in the place of Arquinho in the parish of S. Clemente, where his four children worked: Aureliano, Isaías, David and Serafim Fertuzinhos, who, years later, created their own companies connected to the cutlery business.In 1967, the factory closed its activity.


A passion that travels generations

On December 12, 1921, Serafim Fertuzinhos was born, the youngest son of António Fertuzinhos.Serafim Fertuzinhos (1921-1991) has been working with his father and brothers since he was young. In 1958, in the place of Pinheiro in the parish of Sande S. Clemente, on a property that belonged to his wife, Rosa Marques, he built a factory for the production of pocket knives, bush knives and daggers. Years later, he dedicated himself to the manufacture of pruning shears. Led by tradition linked to the cutlery industry, their children worked there and, later, they started their own companies in this area as well.


The dawn of history

Cristema started its activity in 1993, inspired by the vision of João da Silva Fertuzinhos, son of Serafim Fertuzinhos and grandson of António Fertuzinhos, who, since very early was linked to the cutlery industry. Initially, it develops a small industrial project with the production of housewares and gardening. The founder's perseverance and his family history linked to the industry, allowed this project to evolve, taking on greater expression, years later, with the creation of a factory unit for the production of cutlery.


Nefer and Roxa, the new members of the Cristema Family

Due to a new strategic positioning, the company created two brands, Nefer and Roxa, which allowed it to segment its product range. The brand Nefer - Netos Fertuzinhos, represents the cutlery of the economic line, combining family tradition with the entrepreneurship of new generations. The Roxa brand, created in 1908 by António Fertuzinhos, the grandfather of the founder of Cristema, is a revival of the new generations and presents a wide range of household products. Currently, Cristema is associated with high quality cutlery, strengthening the image of the brand that has existed for more than 28 years.