Innovation combined with artisan wisdom

A constant search for innovation combined with artisan wisdom as a recipe for a differentiating cutlery

At Cristema, we continue to grow and evolve every day, combining the highest technologies in the sector with the knowledge acquired over the years. We work to create, more and more, an ecosystem of balance between the hands dedicated to each process and the latest production equipment. As a result, we search for values ​​such as quality and soul that are possible thanks to the internal control system and the supervision of a team full of experience.

A clean and environmentally friendly process

The care and attention that we offer to each piece extends, equally, to the concern with the environment.

Cristema has taken an interventionist stance that reconciles economic development, social responsibility and protection of the environment, based on a matrix of values ​​of ethics, justice, loyalty and respect towards its customers, employees, suppliers and the environment.

In a sense of social and environmental responsibility, Cristema has plenty of ecological production processes and a mentality of reusing and reusing all resources, privileging a circular economy in favor of everyone and the planet.

A passion that moves us

We are inspired by the art and the hands of each person who daily lives and feels Cristema.
It is the passion for cutlery that moves us, creating connections, emotions and desire on each table we decorate.