Delicate products, cutlery requires certain care to maintain its original state for several years. Here are some tips.

A must for any meal, cutlery is one of the most used products in kitchens and family tables, with a high risk of wear and tear.

As a consequence, maintaining the original quality of the products is not an easy task, and there are a number of precautions to take in order to care for cutlery in the best possible way.


  • After each use, remove food residues avoiding prolonged contact with cutlery.
  • For manual washing, use hot water, neutral detergent and a soft sponge.
  • If you use a dish washer, avoid excessively abrasive detergents.
  • Separate the knives from the other cutlery and place them with the handle down.
  • Be especially careful with the knife blades. Due to their high cutting power, they are more sensitive to oxidation and should be dried out after each wash.
  • To restore the original shine and remove stains from the wash, use a soft cloth with a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Do not store cutlery in damp places.
  • Never use steel wool.

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