The Environment 2023 Fair took place last week in Frankfurt. 

This fair, which is already considered one of the largest and most important of the year in terms of exhibiting home and hotel goods and services, had our presence through a well-designed and equipped stand, as well as an appreciative delegation. 

The journey to Frankfurt was long, and it was the first edition in which Cristema had the opportunity to exhibit its cutlery, but the outcome could not have been more positive. 


About what was exhibited, no reference was missing… 

The Cristema delegation exhibited all references from the collection in a space designed and created specifically for this event. We aimed to provide a unique experience to the audience and the feedback could not have been better. 

All models from the latest catalog were presented, from more classic models to the most modern and contemporary, all designed to last and endure over time. 

The acceptance of what was exhibited, by the hundreds of people who stopped to consult us, was the best. Especially for the Rabat, Tokyo, Versailles and Dakar models, which were the revelation of the event, having been appreciated in different finishes. 


Environment 2023 Fair, the first edition of many others to follow… 

Given the positive outcome, this year’s participation in the Environment Fair will mark the beginning of a long journey in this event. We have already started planning and exchanging ideas for a next participation filled with new ideas and new ways to impress those who cross our path. 

We return motivated and with even more ambition to expand and take our cutlery to the four corners of the world. 


Special thanks to all involved in another great event. 

Cristema thanks all fair visitors! 

We thank all visitors, customers, and future partners for giving us the opportunity to present the result of the effort and dedication of a team that works daily to bring the best from Vila Nova de Sande, Guimarães, Portugal. 

We are also grateful to the rest of the Cristema Teams who, although not able to be present at the fair, were a key factor in ensuring the quality of the product that was exhibited in Frankfurt. 

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