Safety in Focus:

Cristema Promotes Training and Fire Drill in Cutlery Production and Manufacturing Area

At Cristema, safety is our top priority. We recently provided all our teams with extensive training in fire prevention and firefighting, reinforcing our commitment to the safety of our employees.


Extensive training in fire prevention and firefighting:

During the training, we covered the essential procedures for dealing with fire situations. We emphasised the importance of readiness and knowledge in emergency situations. Cristema’s teams had the opportunity to hone their skills, gaining a better understanding of evacuation procedures, the use of fire extinguishers and the importance of effective communication during a crisis.

We also emphasised the need to integrate safety into every aspect of our operation, from the production of cutlery to the manufacture of cutlery.


Simulation with the participation of the Caldas das Taipas Volunteer Fire Brigade:

To test the effectiveness of the training, we carried out a fire simulation, a valuable experience that provided a controlled environment in which to apply the knowledge acquired. This exercise had the essential collaboration of the Caldas das Taipas Volunteer Fire Brigade, a partnership that emphasises the importance of cooperation with the local community in critical situations.

During the exercise, our teams demonstrated a solid understanding of the procedures, coordinating the evacuation efficiently and using the fire extinguishers skilfully. The presence and intervention of the Fire Brigade provided an additional element of safety and professionalism.


Continuous Commitment to Safety:

At Cristema, we see safety as an ongoing process. This training and the simulation reflect our commitment to creating a safe working environment for everyone. We are aware that the production of cutlery and the manufacture of cutlery involve specific risks, which is why we invest in skills development and emergency preparedness.

By integrating safe practices into every stage of our work, we guarantee not only the safety of our employees, but also the continuity of our operations and the commitment to quality that defines Cristema.

We are committed to continuously learning, evolving, and strengthening our safety practices, ensuring that Cristema is a place where everyone feels protected and confident. Safety is the foundation of our production, and we are determined to maintain this commitment at all times.